Boys Otter Lodge


Ages: 6 to 8
Protector Saint: St. Dominic Savio
Section Leader: Wise Oak — Raul Escarpio

The Otter Promise:

In front of all my friends, I promise to Love God, to obey the Law of the Otter Lodge and to always be a good Otter.

The Otter Law:

To know who I am as a child of God and as an Otter and then to know and help the other Otters in my Otter Lodge.

The Otter Rules:

  1. I love God and respect what God has created.
  2. I follow and obey instructions given to me.
  3. I will play and work hard.
  4. I will do my best to help others.
  5. With my leaders I will explore the world around me.

The Otter Prayer:

Dear Lord, we pray to you this night as we
Thank you, for our friends, for this day
For our family, and for our play.
Thank you for the good things to eat,
For our eyes and ears, and hands and feet.
Thank you Lord for all that you do for us
For Giving us life, and for loving each and every one of us.
We love you Lord with all our heart, mind and soul.