Newsletter #2 – Camping Trip

Hello Stella Maris Families,

We’re a week and a half away from our first camping trip and everyone is really excited! What follows is the information you need to know so everything goes well:

Arrival & Conclusion

We’re meeting at Good Shepherd, in front of the Parish Hall on Friday, November 8th at 3:30 pm. Please be on time so we can arrive at John Pennekamp State Park while there is still daylight. The campout will conclude on Sunday at the 10:30 am Mass at Good Shepherd.

Packing List

Please see this packing list of things you should and should not bring on the trip. Note that there are some uniform items marked with an asterisk that will be provided at the campground. Akela Paul from Toronto is flying down to join us and he is bringing most of these items with him. There are some camping items you may need to buy. Here are some links to purchase the required items:

Mess Kit
Your boys will be expected to use and care for their own Mess Kit. Who knows, maybe they’ll start doing the dishes at home! Here are some options:

Mesh bag and utensils
If you buy one of the aluminum mess kits above, you’ll need to buy the mesh bag and utensils separately. The plastic GSI set includes these items. The mesh bag is used to store and hang up the mess kit to air dry.

Sleeping Bag
We recommend a sleeping bag designed for warmer temperatures. It does not get very cold in South Florida and you can always sleep in a sweatshirt or throw on a blanket if it is too cold. I also recommend avoiding sleeping bags with cartoon characters and the like. These are usually designed for indoor sleepovers, not for camping outdoors. Some choices:

Permission Slips

Good Shepherd Catholic Church requires all participants of this and any other field trip to complete and sign this permission slip. Please bring it with you on Friday. Timber Wolves without a permission slip will not be allowed to attend the campout.

Adult Chaperones

Any dads (or other related adult males) who plan to join us must let us know ASAP so we can include you in our head count. You must complete the Virtus training and fingerprint / background check. There is still time to do it, but you must hurry. There are six Virtus sessions scheduled between now and the campout. See the schedule here:

You can make an appointment for fingerprinting at this website. Use Good Shepherd volunteer code “FPAOMParishVol” so your results are sent directly to Good Shepherd.

We look forward to seeing you all next week! God bless you and your families!