How Can I Help?

We’re only in our second year and we still have a great need for generous groups and individuals to give us a helping hand. Most of all, we need your prayers. Consider offering the Ave Maris Stella prayer every day on our behalf. And if you are able to help us in any other way, please let us know. The following is a list of specific needs that we have identified.


  • We need adult volunteers. In particular, we would like to find some volunteer moms who are willing to lead sections for girls. All adult volunteers must be Virtus trained with the necessary fingerprints and background check.
  • We’re building up an inventory of the equipment needed for our many adventures and over time things need to be replaced. Please consider donating items from our Amazon Wish List.
  • We need a covered trailer that can be towed from an SUV with a standard class III hitch. We will use this trailer to store and transport our outdoor gear.